There is a myriad of reasons for a psychological assessment

diagnosis, treatment recommendations, psychoeducational, psychosexual, etc. The question that brings the client in for the assessment determines the kind of assessment to be conducted by the psychologist.

For example, if a parent would want their child to be tested for a gifted program as compared to being assessed for a learning disability, a psychoeducational assessment would be helpful in providing the appropriate placement recommendations. If an individual was struggling with their menta health, a comprehensive psychological evaluation could provide a diagnosis and treatment plan. Alternatively, if a person were experiencing issues with sexual function and dysfunction, a psychosexual assessment could help to provide further clarity of the issue as well as beneficial treatment strategies

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

Our practice provides psychological assessments to the community in an effort to help address a person’s mental health and provide them with direction in which to be able to resolve their presenting issues. We work with individuals, families, schools and within the legal community.

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