Our consultative services include:

• Psychoeducation seminars to attorneys, medical staff, schools and the community
• Case consultation
• Family mediation
• Clinical supervision as qualified supervisor

Psychoeducational Seminars

It is important to raise community awareness of mental illness. We work with attorneys as well as medical staff (i.e. through doctors’ offices, etc.), schools and those within the community to help educate others on the topic of mental illness as well as the available services to address these issues.

Case Consultation:

Our practice works with attorneys on various court cases. We provide consultative services so to help attorneys address such subjects as mitigating factors related to mental illness within the legal system or assessing the impact of trauma for litigation purposes in civil cases.

Family Mediation:

Divorce can be a difficult subject for any couple or family. Family mediation works with the couple to help in this process through a non-adversarial means so to create parenting plans, resolve legal disputes and help to reach settlement arrangements.

Clinical Supervision:

The Florida Board of Mental Health Counseling requires that registered interns receive clinical supervision. We are qualified supervisors who have been authorized to provide this supervision.

Consultative Services

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