Relationships take work. But why is that? Does it ever get any easier?

Couples enter into therapy for a variety of reasons. Some utilize therapy as a preventative for potential issues that might arise in the future. Others may seek treatment because they have been encountering some life stressors that have been putting a strain on their relationships.
Meanwhile, other couples may feel as if they have hit a wall in their communication and may need some guidance.

Whatever the reason a couple may seek therapy, it is the therapist’s role to help the couple to open up lines of communication. In taking a more emotion-focused approach to couples counseling, a therapist can help aid the couple in better understanding what has been impeding their communication and develop more effective strategies for communication.

Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Treatment begins by understanding that we are all different. You and your partner come from distinct backgrounds that have impacted your value structures, your belief systems and your worldviews. These have shaped your perspective in life; not just in how you see yourself but how you see others and your relationships.

Therapy works to deepen your understanding of how these influences can impact the manner in which you interpret events and others’ behaviors . Through therapy, you can increase your awareness of your communication style so to be able to develop a common ground of communication for your relationship. In doing so, this begins the path towards forming a more intimate connection with your partner and strengthening your relationship.

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